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Refereed Journal Papers

[23] Adsorption of tetracycline from water using glutaraldehyde-crosslinked electrospun nanofibers of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol), Aliyeh Yousefi Abdolmaleki, Hamid Zilouei, Saied Nouri Khorasani, Kiomars Zargoosh, Water science and technology, 77( 2018)XXX-XXX.

[22] Surface modification of Nizimuddinia zanardini and Stoechospermum marginatum using 4-phenyl-3-thiosemicarbazide to improve heavy metals biosorption from water, Amir Alavi, Hamid Zilouei, Kiomars Zargoosh, Alieh Yousefi, Ahmad Asadinezhad, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2018) XXX-XXX.

[21] Quenching-free chemiluminescence method for ranking the antioxidants and inhibition of AAPH-induced membrane peroxidation of red blood cells using new aminophenol derivative, Kiomars Zargoosh, Alireza Tabibi, Ali Hossein Kianfar, Morteza Dostani, Mohammad Qandalee, Gholam Ali Naderi,  Journal of Luminescence 192 (2017) 582-589.

[20] Novel magnetic polyamic hydrazide nanocomposite: preparation, characterization, and application for the removal of Cd2+ and Pb2+ from industrial wastes, Kiomars Zargoosh, Hossein Habibi, Amir Abdolmaleki, Kourosh Firouz,  , Journal of applied polymer science132 (2016) XXX-XXX-

[19] Fast and selective determination of ammonia inaqueous solutions using immobilized iron(III) oxide nanoparticles on the agarose membrane, Kiomars Zargoosh, Fatemeh Farhadian Babadi, Mohammad Hosseini, Ali Hossein Kianfar, Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (2016)11133-11142.

[18] Removal of Cd2+ and Zn2+ from industrial wastes using novel magnetic N2,N6-di(thiazol-2-yl)pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide nanoadsorbent, Kiomars Zargoosh, Mohammad Rasoul Sohrabi, Amir Abdolmaleki, Kourosh Firouz, Journal of nanoanalysis No 02 Issue 01 (2015) 17-32.

[17] Synthesis of poly amic hydrazide and its application for removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastes, Kiomars Zargoosh, Hossein Habibi, Amir Abdolmaleki, Kourosh Firouz, Iranian Polymer Journal. 24(2015) 561-571.

.[16] Synthesis of Layered Double Hydroxides Containing a Biodegradable Amino Acid Derivative and Their Application for Effective Removal of Cyanide from Industrial Wastes, Kiomars Zargoosh, Sara Kondori, Mohammad Dinari, Shadpour Mallakpour, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 54 (2015) 1093−1102.

[15] Highly selective and sensitive optical sensor for determination of Pb2+ and Hg2+ ions based on the covalent immobilization of Dithizone on agarose membrane, Kiomars Zargoosh, Fatemeh Farhadian Babadi, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 137 (2015) 105–110.

[14] 4-Phenyl-3-thiosemicarbazide Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Application for Heavy Metal Removal, Kiomars Zargoosh, Hamid Zilouei, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Hamed Abedini, Clean – Soil, Air, Water 42 (2014) (9999) 1–8.

[13] Evaluation of Antioxidant Capacity of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Antioxidants Using Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence Reaction of the Novel Furandicarboxylate Derivative, Kiomars Zargoosh, Yousef Ghayeb, Neda Aeineh, Mohammad Qandalee, Food Anal. Methods 7 (2014) 283-290.

[12] Effective Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Industrial Wastes Using Thiosalicylhydrazide-Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles, Kiomars Zargoosh, Hamed Abedini, Amir Abdolmaleki, Mohammad Reza Molavian, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (2013) 14944−14954.

[11] Simple and fast PO-CL method for the evaluation of antioxidant capacity of hydrophilic and hydrophobic antioxidants, Kiomars Zargoosh, Yousef Ghayeb, Behnaz Azmoon, Mohammad Qandalee, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 112 (2013) 1–6

[10] Furandicarboxylate derivatives as excellent fluorescence standards: Spectroscopical and electrochemical study, Kiomars Zargoosh, Yousef Ghayeb, Neda Aeineh, Mohammad Qandalee, Ali Akbar MiranBeigi, Journal of Luminescence 135 (2013) 31–37.

[9] The fast peroxyoxalate-chemiluminescence of 3-1-aza-4,10-dithia-7-oxacyclododecane as a novel fluorophore, Kiomars Zargoosh, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Morteza Hosseini, Claudia Caltagirone, Vito Lippolis,  Journal of Luminescence 132 (2012) 2126–2129.


[8] PEG-Mediated Catalyst-Free Expeditious Synthesis of Polysubstituted Anilines and Benzenes via the Reaction of Malononitrile and ß-Ketoester Derivatives in the Presence of Activated Acetylenes, Mohammad Piltan, Loghman Moradi, Hiwa Salimi, Kiomars Zargoosh, Seyed Amir Zarei, Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 2012, 15, 571-575

[7] Highly sensitive glucose biosensor based on the effective immobilization of glucose oxidase / carbon-nanotube and gold nanoparticle in nafion film and peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence reaction of a new Fluorophore, Kiomars Zargoosh, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Mohammad Javad Chaichi, Mohammad Qandalee, S. Asghari, Saman Hossienkhani, Talanta 93(2012) 37-43.

[6] Sensitive and selective determination of glucose in human serum and urine based on the peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence reaction of a new Fluorophore, Kiomars Zargoosh, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Mohammad Qandalee, Mohammad Piltan, Loghman Moradi, Spectrochimica Acta Part A 81 (2011) 679– 683

[5] High sensitive optode for selective determination of Ni2+ based on the covalently immobilized thionine in agarose membrane, Payman Hashemi, Mohammad Hosseini, Kiomars Zargoosh, Kamal Alizadeh, Sensors and Actuators B 153 (2011) 24–28


[4] A novel PVC-membrane optical sensor for highly sensitive and selective

determination of UO22+ ion based on a recently synthesized benzo-substituted

macrocyclic diamide and dibenzoylmethane, Mojtaba Shamsipura, Kiomars Zargoosh, Farhang Mizani, Hossein Eshghi, Faramarz Rostami, Spectrochimica Acta Part A 77 (2010) 319–323

[3] Peroxyoxalate-chemiluminescence of Tinopal CBS as a commercially important optical brightener: Mechanistic study and quantification, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Kiomars Zargoosh , Mohammad Javad Chaichi , Mahmood Tajbakhsh, Ali Parach , Journal of Luminescence 130 (2010) 748–755

[2] A Study of Chemiluminescence from Reaction of Bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl) oxalate, Hydrogen Peroxide and Diethyl-2-(cyclohexylamino)-5-[(E)-2-phenyl-1-ethenyl]-3,4-furandicarboxylate as a Novel Fluorescer, K. Zargoosh, M.J. Chaichi, S. Asghari, M. Qandalee and M. Shamsipur, J. Iran. Chem. Soc., 7 (2010) 376-383.

[1] Quenching effect of some heavy metal ions on the fast peroxyoxalate-chemiluminescence of 1-(dansylamidopropyl)-1-aza-4,7,10-trithiacyclododecane as a novel fluorophore, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Kiomars Zargoosh, Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Claudia Caltagirone, Vito Lippolis, Spectrochimica Acta Part A 74 (2009) 205–209


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